Opening the Harp Chakra - The Podcast

Loreena McKennitt

April 28, 2021 Loreena McKennitt Season 2 Episode 13
Opening the Harp Chakra - The Podcast
Loreena McKennitt
Show Notes

Season 2 Episode 13 

Opening the Harp Chakra - The Podcast
Bringing you beautiful, healing, magical Harp Music
...and talking with the artists that create it...
Hosted by Jay Michaels

This is the final episode of Season 2.  Coming soon: Season 3!

In March of 2021 Loreena McKennitt wrote an article called “Is the streaming experiment failing artists?”.  She joins Jay Michaels to discuss that subject. They also talk about Loreena’s early days as a musician, her work with charitable causes, the environment, the Magical qualities of the Harp and more.

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